About us

My name is Debbie Bell and I am the person behind Enchanted Mistress. After a frustrating day of shopping (seemed to be the norm lately) I had the brilliant idea of creating a website that offered women's purses and shoes.
With 30 plus years of customer service behind me I knew that exceptional customer service was first and foremost, but I also had to find the right product at the right price...something I would not only be proud to own but would be proud to sell. 
I was tired of "settling" when it came to women's accessories. I love trendy fashionable purses (what women doesn't) but found what I liked was out of my price range or what I could afford was just a bag to hold my "stuff".
I love fashionable shoes too, but again could not find something that I "absolutely must have" at a price I could afford. 
I wanted woman to stop me and say "Oh my God-where did you get those shoes?" or exclaim "I love that purse!"
That is why Enchanted Mistress was born in May 2016. Beautiful stunning purses and handbags at affordable prices. Beautiful trendy shoes and boots at affordable prices. Quality and exceptional service always from Enchanted Mistress! 

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